The Forkord Turnaround - Musical examples

Some musical examples
may sound a bit false which is due
to the production process of the prototypes.
It was done with the tools that I had available,
not that suitable for delicate work. I will
make the models for resale with
appropriate tools.

Chord Melody

One of the nice (maybe the nicest) features of the
Forkord Turnaround, is its ability to play chord melody.
It is like a choir, where the sopranos sing the melody, the
basses the bass notes while the altos and tenors fill the
in between space with notes of the current chord.

In other words: a choir sings chords of which the topnotes form the melody.

Listen to this harmonized scale.
played on a Bb/C Forkord Turnaround in the key of F.
The topnotes are F G A Bb C D  E F.
The chords   are F C F Bb F Bb C F.

As the musically educated among you will acknowledge,
the top notes belong to the underlying chords.

The same trick on the same harp: C scale.
The topnotes are C D E F G A B C.
The chords   are C G C F C F G C.

OK, enough of this theoretical chit chat, let's play some real tunes!

I 'd like to start with Het Wilhelmus, the Dutch National Anthem in the key of F. FT in Bb/C.
Matilda turns around in E. FT in A/B.
Muss I Denn in F (from the YouTube presentation) has few neat features of the harp in it.
The final F chord is drawn on the Bb-part while the F of the C-part also sounds. All four chords are used, the last three being G7 C F. FT in Bb/C.
You Are My Sunshine in D. FT in G/A.
Zie de maan schijnt door de bomen is a Dutch Santa Claus-song, key is F. FT in Bb/C.
(In The Netherlands His Holiness is called Saint Nicholas (or Sinterklaas), He arrives in the middle of November and leaves the 6th of December)

Amazing Grace in Bb. FT in Eb/F.
A short piece to demonstrate the instruments ability to play the wonderful music from the Alps.
Listen how the piece modulates from F to Bb and back. FT in Eb/F.

Christmas Songs

Silent Night Key = B. FT in A/B.
Midden in de winternacht (Grand Jeu et Duo) in E. FT in A/B.
The surprising melody of The Little Drummer Boy asks for a surprising chord in the second version.
This is played on a G/A FT, keys are D, E and A! The cajon is home built too.
O, Come All Ye Faithful in F. FT in Bb/C.

To be continued...


There are numerous nice riffs possible on the Forkord Turnaround.
In the YouTube presentation you can listen to the riffs of Start Me Up
by The Rolling Stones, and Get It On by Ike And Tina Turner.

This effective pattern in F. FT in Eb/F.
Everybody knows this famous riff by Mink DeVille, Key of E. FT in A/B.
Another goodie: Everybody Needs Somebody in C. FT in Bb/C.
This Lion sleeps in B, turns around and then moves to E. FT in A/B.
No need for two harps anymore in the famous Orange Blossom Special-riff. In F and C. FT in Bb/C.

To be continued...


With its four chords the Forkord Turnaround accompanies
very many harmonic schemes, the 12-bar blues scheme
(in two keys) being only one of them.
All tunes that are built on an harmonic scheme of the
I, IV and V chords can be accompanied.
When playing in the key of the draw chord of the lower part,
you also have the 7-chord on the second degree (II) of the scale.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas the melodica accompanied by the harmonica.
Played in F. I also use the partial chords Am and Dm. FT in Bb/C.

To be continued...

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